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Our mission is to share our passion and knowledge about drones with the world, and to help you make informed decisions about buying, using, and maintaining drones. We also aim to keep you updated with the latest news, trends, and developments in the drone industry, as well as to showcase the amazing applications and innovations that drones can offer.

Meet Fahad Bin khalid

Fahad Bin Khalid is the founder and editor-in-chief of BlogOnDrone.com. He is a visionary entrepreneur, a drone enthusiast, and an AI expert.

During his studies, he discovered his passion for drones and their potential applications in various fields. He decided to combine his skills and interests in technology, AI, and drones to create BlogOnDrone.com in 2023.

Fahad is also a certified drone pilot and instructor. He has flown hundreds of drones of different types and sizes, from toy drones to professional drones. He has also participated in several drone competitions and exhibitions around the world.


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We cover the latest news and events related to drone technology and AI in the drone industry
We explore the fascinating aspects and implications of drone technology and AI in various domains,